The Best Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar


Your age plays a major role in whether you develop Diabetes later in your life. Diabetes is more common in those over 65.

Instead of waiting for blood sugar issues to arise later in life, get proactive about your blood sugar concerns. It’s not only your age but also your genetic and lifestyle factors that increase your risk of high blood glucose. The following factors increase your risk of developing Diabetes:

We can’t control many factors, such as your family history or age. However, there are other things that we can control to lower blood glucose levels after 50.

You have complete control over the two main influences on your health, diet and exercise. Let’s look at some of the best ways to lower blood sugar levels in your 50s.


Sometimes simple solutions work best. Simple solutions like drinking plain Water will always lower blood sugar. High blood sugar naturally dehydrates and makes you thirsty.

Drinking enough Water throughout your day will dilute your blood sugar and naturally increase your glucose response!

Melissa Mitri, MS, RD, says, “Water and non-sweetened beverages help your kidneys eliminate excess sugar from your urine. Studies also show that people who drink more Water are less likely to have high blood sugar.

Low carb alcohol is an option.

Those with Diabetes can have low blood sugars by drinking alcohol alone. Sugary beverages are not a better option.

Choose alcohol options with low levels of added sugars. You will find dry wines, light beers, and seltzers that fit this bill.

For better blood sugar results, pair your drink with a balanced meal. While enjoying your adult drink of choice, focusing on a protein option, portion-sized carbohydrates, and a few vegetables is important.

Choose diet over regular.

They can be part of your beverage rotation if you like diet drinks and artificial sweetness!

These drinks can still be hydrating and may help you keep on track if your sweet tooth doesn’t allow you to indulge in the sugar rollercoaster.

Diet varieties can include diet versions of soda, tea, juice, and flavoured Water. It has been proven that consuming one to two daily diet drinks is safe and without side effects. Some people report that it helps them to stay on track with their nutritional goals.

Eat before drinking coffee.

Did you know that coffee can increase blood sugar and cause stress hormones such as cortisol or epinephrine to be elevated? This is why coffee makes us feel awake when we drink it.

You might also increase your blood sugar if you add sweeteners or creamers to your morning coffee.

Reducing the blood sugar rollercoaster in the morning is easy by eating something before drinking your coffee. Balance blood sugars by eating a balanced meal wi

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