Fast-Food Chains with the Most Food Quality Complaints


A fast-food restaurant‘s quality can either make or break it. It is what makes a restaurant stand out from the rest. In many cases, it can even make or break a fast-food chain. Some companies can win accolades while others struggle in the courtroom of public opinion.

Many restaurant chains have poor reputations for many reasons. While others are criticized for their food quality, some tend to be criticized for not having enough. These are the kinds of restaurants that may use harmful ingredients or continue to serve meat with antibiotics. Or, they might have mediocre menu items.

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Customers aren’t happy for any reason, regardless of the cause. Whether they take their complaints to Reddit or court, these fast-food restaurants are where we hear the most complaints.


Subway is the unlucky king of fast food when it comes to complaints. Subway is synonymous with infamy at this point. This is especially true when you consider that most of its recent headlines have been about a lawsuit claiming its tuna wasn’t tuna. Not a great look.

Although Subway has technically won the first battle to stop the spread of fishy food, much of the damage has been done by the public perception. It’s gross.

Subway drama is not limited to tuna. The chain seems constantly trying to put its foot in its metaphorical stomach. Removing beloved sandwiches (inciting customer complaints), using 50% chicken, and refusing coupons.

A chain that advertises “Eat Fresh” has been viewed as a dump of low-quality, chemical-laden food and iffy ingredients.


McDonald’s has been a staple fast-food restaurant in America and worldwide for generations. This mega-chain is beloved for its irresistible French fries, Happy Meals and sheer Americana.

There are many things to be critical of. This company is responsible for the famous hot coffee lawsuit.

Customers have also complained about gross frappes and broken Ice Cream Machines. The latter has also led to lawsuits.

It was ranked last by customers in a survey about food quality a few years back. Things have not improved much since then. Has been accused of failing to fulfil major public health promises.

Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake has been hard hit by the passing of time. Public opinion has not been kind to Steak ‘n Shake. The once-popular chain of burgers and milkshakes is on the verge of bankruptcy but continues to lose revenue at an alarming rate.

Customers complaining about long wait times, poor food quality and long wait times may have led to mass closings of restaurants. Internet buzz hasn’t been helpful, with critics lambasting this chain for its shrinking portions, unappetizing shakes and poor service.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is not doing well regarding food quality complaints by nutritionists. The Mexican chain is known for its high sodium, fat, sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. In some cases, the Mexican chain is so bad that it triggers a lawsuit.

This chain is also known for creating menu items that are internet laughingstocks. They have received a lot of criticisms and complaints online for things such as Power Bowls and Cinnamon Twists.

Recently, the company had to deal with ingredient shortages. This resulted in customers who were upset being turned away empty-handed.

Pizza Hut

The pizza place your childhood favourite may not have been as popular. Pizza Hut, rooted in American nostalgia and experienced a pandemic-induced sales surge, has seriously fallen out of favour with customers lately, leading to plummeting sales.

The Hut’s poor-quality beef and the simple fact that they serve some of the most unhealthy pizzas are two reasons things are not looking so great right now.

Recent criticisms of Detroiters’ new Pizza Hut pizza style have been a major concern. The company received mostly negative responses on social media. There’s an online discussion thread: “Why does Pizza Hut pizza taste so bad?” The brand isn’t helping matters either.


KFC is not without its critics and its fans. However, it holds the unfortunate distinction of the worst fast-food restaurant chain in the world. According to RAVE, this tracks Twitter comments and complaints regarding fast-food restaurants worldwide. KFC came in last.

The main complaint is about the food quality being inconsistent or poor. This makes sense when you consider that it’s one the fastest-food chains using questionable ingredients and has a laundry listing of scandals and criticisms.


Chipotle may seem like the best fast food chain, but it could lose its status as a top-quality brand. The chain is losing points on its overall American Customer Satisfaction Index and has become a frequent target of critics, from shrinking portions to foodborne illness outbreaks.

This, combined with the fact that prices continue rising and burrito deals are a constant nightmare for employees and customers, is fueling the complaints of department fire.

Recently, Chipotle introduced smoked brisket to its menu. Let’s say customers had their thoughts on the texture.


Chick-fil-A is a beloved chain consistently voted one of the best in America. However, for every high-quality nugget, there seems to be a mistake that leads to complaints about everything from poor food quality and drive-thru nuisances to shrinking sandwiches.

The inconsistency has become so serious that a huge Reddit thread started discussing food issues. Hundreds of people have commented on their problems. Chick-fil-A has been in trouble for its politics. It was banned from certain areas and sued over misleading upcharges.

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