According to dietitians, the worst alcoholic beverages for weight loss are those that contain alcohol.


Everybody’s body is different. This means that everyone’s health needs are also unique. People trying to lose weight will have different weight loss goals than those around them. Some people decide to quit drinking completely if they want to lose weight. Others may continue to drink.

Healthy drinking in Moderation is a good option if you want to have an occasional alcoholic drink as part of your weight loss journey. We spoke to a few dietitians about the worst drinks for weight loss.

We are not saying you should avoid these drinks completely. You can treat yourself if you wish. These are only reminders to help you feel more confident and informed going into your next happy hours.

Pina Coladas

Alcoholic drinks are not good for weight loss. You must consider how much sugar your body consumes at any given time. Consider limiting your intake if you plan on drinking more than one.

Pina Coladas are a must-have on vacation, and these drinks can be high in calories that won’t aid in weight loss. “If you get a colada with pre-made sugary mixes, you will get an empty calories boost and a sugar high later on,” Eat This, Not That! Board member Lauren Manaker MS, RDN is a First Mom’s Pregnancy Cookbook and Fueling Male Fertility.

Long Island Iced Teas

Long Island Iced Teas are known for being faster than any other beverage. Manaker says this is a problem if you try to achieve your weight reduction goals.

A long island iced tee is a combination of liquor and sugar. It’s one of the most dangerous drinks to order if your goal is to trim your waistline. This boozy beverage is loaded with empty calories. It can also make you feel drunk quickly, leading to eating more later in the evening or lowering your inhibitions.

Whiskey cokes

You don’t need to make your drink fancy or freeze it to affect your weight loss efforts. Mixing your favourite liquor with your favourite beverage can increase your calories and add Sugars.

Clear liquor is only 70 calories per ounce. However, suppose you mix it with soda, lemonade, or other sugar-sweetened beverages. In that case, it can quickly add up,” Amy Goodson MS, RD CSSD, LD, author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook, a registered dietitian on our medical expert panel. Mixing your favourite adult beverage with low-calorie, calorie-free beverages like soda water with a squeeze of lime will help cut down on calories.

Frozen margaritas

A frozen margarita is a refreshing option at the beach, similar to a pina Colada. However, it may come with a price.

“Many fruity and swirly drinks served under an umbrella are high in sugar calories. Many frozen margaritas and pina coladas, as well as mojitos, have a high caloric cost. If the drink tastes sweet, it could be a sign that it has sugar, which can add calories to your weight loss program.

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