Crispy, tender potatoes are one of the most delicious sides. But which potato gives you the best results? Imagine a potato spectrum, if you will. One side is “waxy,” while the other is “starchy.” You want to find a balance between the extremes when roasting.

Starchy potatoes are crisp on the outside but lose their shape when roasted. This results in a fluffy center and a less flavorful, creamy potato. Waxy potatoes, on the other side, retain their shape when roasted but don’t crisp as well and take longer to cook.

Is there a potato that falls somewhere in the middle between starchy and waxy? Yes, there is!

The Best: Yukon Gold Potatoes

It is an excellent choice for roasting the Yukon Gold potato, one of our favorite potatoes. They are thin in the skin, so they cook quickly and retain their shape well. If you have ever tried a Yukon Gold potato, you will know its creamy, buttery center makes them stand out. This makes them great for roasting.

Other types of potatoes for roasting

Although russet potatoes are not our favorite, red potatoes and red potatoes are great roasting candidates.

Russet Potatoes

Another popular choice for roasting is the Russet potato. These potatoes tend to be more starchy, which gives them a crisp crust. When cooked, the starchy flesh of Yukon Gold potatoes will produce a more creamy result. Because they can be cut into steakhouse-style wedges, Russet potatoes make an excellent choice for oven-baked fries.

Red Potatoes

They are waxier and have smoother skin, so they will hold their shape well when roasted. They can take some time to get crisp due to their low starch and high moisture content.

Potato Size

Perfectly crisp potatoes are not only about variety but also about size. Cut your potatoes into two-inch pieces for a crispy result.

If you are buying potatoes in bulk, make sure they are uniformly sized so that they all cook simultaneously. If your potatoes come in different sizes or shapes, you should halve some larger ones and cut some smaller ones so that they cook at the same rate.

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