The Wall

The wall is all about supporting local artists, providing a space for them to exhibit and sell their works with no gallery fees or commission, ever. If you are interested in checking out some fresh, new and local art check out the upcoming artists below. A new exhibition every second Wednesday night.

Honky News

stone and wood tap take over

Stone and Wood Tap Take Over!

We are very excited to welcome the guys from Stone and Wood all the way down from Byron to take over our taps for the night and showcase their finest ales!

They will be bringing with them their Brewer, Brian. So if your interested in trying a bunch of awesome beer and having a chat to the guy that makes it them come down from 5pm 28th March! They will have …

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Prickly Moses chainSAW

Our Tap prickly moses chainSAW

Our Tap at Honkytonks is currently pouring this neat ale by Prickly Moses. Introducing chainSAW, the perfect after-work brew. A colour not unlike golden straw, the use of malted wheat …

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Meet Zeke!

Zeke in Ztudioland 2 - 72 RGB

Meet Zeke AKA Julia. She’s our Wednesday at the Wall artist for this fortnight and we’re digging her vibe. A 24-year-old artist living in Sydney she has made art her …

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Stone and Wood Garden Ale

Our Tap - stone and wood

Stone & Wood have been working away at some limited release brews – and we managed to get our paws on one: Stone & Wood Garden Ale!

This handcrafted beer is …

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Exhibition Opportunities


Hola hombres!

Are you a maker, creator or art-scene shaker? Do you doodle, scribble, spray or paint? Got skills in stitching, fusing, etching or portraits?

Honkytonks’ Wednesdays at the Wall wants to …

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Food & Drinks

Compadres - friends with benefits


Tom Skeehan is a Canberra-based industrial designer who has been involved in various areas of the ACT art and design community for the past 5 years.

Tom directs a product design company SKEEHAN, specialising in commercial furniture and edition objects for the home.

Tom’s influences legibly underpin both the processual methodology, and the aesthetic of his works. In addition to a sharp focus on the relationship between materiality, tectonic, and user experience, Tom finds inspiration in the complete resolution and restrained beauty of the Japanese culture.

Tom’s current body of work has been developed around notions of perception, connection, and the waning value of ‘play’ in the production of design for manufacture.

Two Before Ten

Two Before Ten Coffee Roasters love the perfect coffee! We obsess over every detail to get it right. We believe in a sustainable and ethical approach to roasting from where we source our beans to how they end up in the cup, it’s our responsibility.

Our green beans are carefully selected from the best growers from around the globe and we always ensure that they’re either fair trade, forest friendly, organic, rainforest alliance or have been directly traded where we know the farmer is getting a fair price.

We stay in touch with growers, constantly research our coffee origins, carry out sample roasts and hold cupping days but most importantly we listen to how you love to drink your coffee. After all that we invest all our passion and experience in handcrafting coffee for you.

We hope you enjoy the difference.

Knave & Fables

Knave & Fables is a jewellery label of striking, unparalled, all-male and all-masculine jewellery- designed specifically for men, Knave & Fables brings men’s jewellery out of the dark ages and into the fashion forward century.

Knave & Fables men’s jewellery promotes unique design with the appeal of functionality. The range of jewellery includes aesthetic twists to the common tie bar, cufflinks and the cuff bangle. By applying artist-led design to the men’s jewellery industry, Knave and Fables invites the wearer to compliment the perfect outfit with the perfect accessories.


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