The Wall

The wall is all about supporting local artists, providing a space for them to exhibit and sell their works with no gallery fees or commission, ever. If you are interested in checking out some fresh, new and local art check out the upcoming artists below. A new exhibition every second Wednesday night.

Honky News


Cultural Capital? The Time is Ripe By Nic Sheehan

Cultural Capital? The Time is Ripe

Nic Sheehan

When The New York Times wrote a glowing travel article earlier this year, 36 Hours in Canberra, Canberrans leapt at the opportunity to feel validated that Canberra isn’t as boring as we are so often reminded. There are some things worth showing off.


It goes without saying that every city on earth has both pros and cons. Though the Canberra Debate is somewhat unique …

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New Chef, New Menu

Honkytonks-menu_2014_web copy

We are very excited to welcome our new chef Israel Meza to the team! And guess what? He’s rocked in with a new menu and 90 of his favorite tequilas!

Israel …

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Taco Tuesday!


With our new menu of course comes new deliciously tasty Tacos!

We’re still doing our awesome Taco Tuesday but with stacks more flavour than ever before!



This week we’re featuring the GALAXY IPA! Generous amounts of whole hop flowers have been added to this brew, with it’s amber colour and floral scent It tastes delicious, even …

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Food & Drinks

Compadres - friends with benefits


Our name really does reflect who we are. Six years ago we chose the name Coordinate to reflect our vision for the future, the value we would bring to the wider community, our clients, our people, and to reflect the converging nature of the advertising and marketing communications industry.

We operate across all communication disciplines including digital, social, branding, advertising, design and production. Our vision is clear: to inspire our clients everyday and develop communication outcomes that deliver results.

Knave & Fables

Knave & Fables is a jewellery label of striking, unparalled, all-male and all-masculine jewellery- designed specifically for men, Knave & Fables brings men’s jewellery out of the dark ages and into the fashion forward century.

Knave & Fables men’s jewellery promotes unique design with the appeal of functionality. The range of jewellery includes aesthetic twists to the common tie bar, cufflinks and the cuff bangle. By applying artist-led design to the men’s jewellery industry, Knave and Fables invites the wearer to compliment the perfect outfit with the perfect accessories.

Two Before Ten

Two Before Ten Coffee Roasters love the perfect coffee! We obsess over every detail to get it right. We believe in a sustainable and ethical approach to roasting from where we source our beans to how they end up in the cup, it’s our responsibility.

Our green beans are carefully selected from the best growers from around the globe and we always ensure that they’re either fair trade, forest friendly, organic, rainforest alliance or have been directly traded where we know the farmer is getting a fair price.

We stay in touch with growers, constantly research our coffee origins, carry out sample roasts and hold cupping days but most importantly we listen to how you love to drink your coffee. After all that we invest all our passion and experience in handcrafting coffee for you.

We hope you enjoy the difference.


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